New Member Guide

Welcome to Maryland City

Thank You for taking the initiative to help others and become a part of our organization.   As a member of MCVFD you will become a part of a very diverse family of fellow volunteers from many different backgrounds.

Welcome to the family.

Its not just a job its an adventure, full speed ahead & let your journey begin

 New Member Guide  

Now begins your journey through the process of becoming a Volunteer within Anne Arundel County.

The first steps in your journey have already been accomplished by successfully being voted in as a probationary member to MCVFD.

Now we begin the journey through the County process.

Step One is completing the membership packet – Should have been completed the night you were voted in.
Included within this packet are the following for active riding members:
Background Package
Physical Form
Personal History Form

Step Two is orientation – Should be the following week after Step one.
Station orientation will give you the basics about MCVFD and cover several County required administrative programs.
OPM-7 – Equal Opportunity
Workplace Violence
BloodBorne Pathogens
OSHA/MOSHA Orientation – HAZMAT, Special Operations, Fit Testing

Step Three is completing the physical & fingerprints – Should be done over the last two weeks of your first month.
Physical must be conducted within 30 days of receiving your packet
Fingerprints must be done so background can be completed

Step Four Registering for classes – Now the fun begins.
MFRI classes – find a class that fits your schedule
HAZMAT – OPS for Fire / Awareness for EMS
EMT – Very long and time consuming, plan accordingly
Fire – To be fully certified you must also take the EMT course

All new members will be assigned to ether Tuesday or Wednesday for their “Admin Duty Crew”.  Once through the in-processing phase Operational Members will be able to pick a duty day and be handed over to the Duty Crew Chief for that day for further assistance and training.

Your success and how quickly you are able to start riding as an “Observer” is driven by timely completion of the in-processing phase.  The first three steps from the New Member Checklist must be completed within the first month of membership.

There are two Federal Emergency Management Agency Courses that are  required.  The IS200 & IS700 online self-study courses.  Ask your Crew Chief, the Training Officer or the Captain for assistance as these online courses can be tough.  These courses go over the Incident Management System that has been established as the primary command structure for all incidents.

Here are some guides with instructions on how to access and register for Courses.

Course Registration Guide For:         FEMA Courses

Training Registration Guide For:       MFRI Classes  
(Your affiliation is with Maryland City, you must select Maryland City for your registration to be validated)

Once you have completed the in-processing phase the fun begins, your future and how far you go are in your hands.  There are many avenues you can pursue within the organization.