Memorials Greg Croft

In memory of Greg Croft (MCVFD Firefighter/EMT 1999 – 2013)
Memorial Service Photos

Greg Croft was no ordinary firefighter/emt so in that context……a typical boilerplate memorial to a fallen firefighter will not do.

Greg Croft as we knew him through his dedicated service at Station 27:
Let it be known he has been serving others for a long time.
– Greg was a Veteran….he served his country with distinction as a Marine
– He served his community as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT for almost 15 years

Greg was an ACTIVE member of MCVFD.
– Board member
– Trial board
– Tuesday duty night Crew Chief
– Firefighter, EMT, Ambo driver…he did everything!

Greg ran many, many interesting calls over the years…from big industrial fires, house fires, auto collisions, to EMS calls of every nature (or just hauling your average inebriated person passed out in the woods to the ER). It didn’t matter to Greg…he was there to serve.

Greg was honored as volunteer firefighter of the year in 2007.
– Laurel American Legion honors first responders
Greg Croft Wins Award

Even after his job took him to Northern Va…he would still drive all the way back to MCVFD for his tues duty night….then drive all the way back (and work the next day). Not a short commute or easy commute from Northern Va to Station 27. But that’s the kind of commitment Greg had.

One year at the Maryland firefighters meeting in Ocean City Md he even did the Firefighter Challenge. Wearing full bunker gear and breathing apparatus would race head-to-head in a series of five tasks including climbing the 5-story tower, hoisting, chopping, dragging hoses and rescuing a life-sized, 175lb victim. We might not have made the ESPN highlight reel….but those memories will last a lifetime!! It was definitely an esprit de corps moment.

After many votes held during General Membership meetings there always had to be a dissenting vote…Greg would yell out NEY!! Not that he was against any particular measure being voted on, not that he was being negative…on the contrary it was more along the lines of just bringing some levity to the meeting (general meetings can be somewhat boring and even stressful at times….but not when Greg was in the house).

During MCVFD’s annual Open House Greg would work the 911 call center (fire alarms, smoke detectors) station. Always meeting/greeting the kids with a smile.


Or just helping out with whatever was need (in this case giving directions.)


He Just didn’t run the calls though, he was also active with the stations fundraising efforts:
– Back in the day it was door to door (knocked on 1000’s of doors)
– Helped out at a few golf tournaments along the way (more than once he would be standing in the rain that was traveling horizontally at times…before the tournament was called)
– For the past several years led the the kitchen crew during our Bingos
Greg kept the grounds outside the firehouse manicured. Annually he would get fed up with the state of the plants/weeds around the bldg and the accumulation of trashed/mud that had washed into station 27’s parking lots and would organize a group to fix things up (literally hose down the parking lot)..

When annual equipment inspection where upon us…Greg was there to wash what needed washed, paint what needed painted, wax what needed waxed.
– Likewise during hose testing and fire hydrant testing
– Or even on occasion driving through the community and adding new fire hydrants to the the map books so the fire department knew where they were located

A few other tid bits:
– Greg also instituted the ‘‘challenge coin program” at the station.
– Department members are rewarded for exemplary work with commemorative coins
– Greg actually designed the coin!


– Would do anything for you (he would give his shirt off his back for you)
– Would offer sound advice to all those in need of it
– Avid Baseball fan (Go Orioles)

In short::
He would do anything for you.
He was Vet,
He was a Firefighter/EMT,
He was our friend,
Semper fi Greg Croft
Semper Fidelis is Latin for “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal”

Greg Croft – The “man, myth, legend”..sometimes this phrase is used jest…but in this special case he was no myth…he was for real! He was the man! and he will be greatly missed.
During more than one Santa Run, he would walk next to the engine handing out candy canes to the kids in the neighborhood.