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Membership Interviews are conducted on Tuesdays at 1930 (7:30PM)
Except the First Tuesday

Are you interested in giving some of your time and energy to better yourself and those around you? Volunteering at a firehouse has many benefits! Volunteers can choose to pursue roles as Emergency Medical Technicians, Firefighter/EMTs & Rescue Technicians, as well as many others.

Not the right time in life to dedicate yourself to taking classes? Consider volunteering in the administrative capacities available at Station 27. Admin members help with our fundraising  events, hall rental operations, perform administrative functions and serve on committees.

Junior membership is available for those 16 to 18! If you are under 18, you can become a junior member of the station.  At age 16, you are allowed to take the EMT-Basic  and the Firefighter I courses with the permission of station leadership and your parents or legal guardians.  Even if you are looking for a way to earn volunteer hours that can be applied to your school curriculum, we invite you to become a part of our team.

Here are some general considerations that you should keep in mind:

  • Newly voted-in members serve an initial probationary period of six months. New members are expected to be at the station for training on ether Tuesday or Wednesday at 1930 (7:30PM) each week until eligible for the Observer Program.  This time will be spent taking classes and/or learning station operations.

  • It generally takes six months to a year to become an active riding member (on the county’s database as an eligible first responder).  We do participate in the Observer Program that allows new members who have completed their in-processing to ride as observers until fully on the active riding database.

  • Classes are offered by the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, which is a part of the University of Maryland. These are college-level courses with most of them giving college credit.

  • All required training is provided free of cost. You may be required to purchase appropriate clothing such as cotton pants/khakis or a polo shirt. You may opt to purchase other supplies that you simply wish to have to facilitate comfort or ease of duties. There is no startup cost for taking classes, and very minimal required costs associated with long-term volunteering with us.

  • A criminal background search including fingerprints along with a physical will be performed by Anne Arundel County or its designated contractors prior to being a part of the Observer Program.

  • Long-term volunteers can earn a substantial annual state tax credit after three years of service.

  • All members of Station 27 are required to attend the monthly meeting at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month.  Members are expected to assist with the monthly fundraisers.   Members are expected to put in at least four hours of time each week and can pick a weekly duty day and once in the Observer Program and put in their time on that day.

  • Most importantly, all members are expected to bring a pleasant attitude and take their role seriously!  We have a lot of fun as a team, but our function is to save the lives of those we respond to, as well as protect our own.


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